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Welcome to Hendra Farm and Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

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Hendra Farm combines traditional farming with a fully licensed private zoo, dedicated to conservation and education.


Hendra Farm is set amongst the stunning countryside of South East Cornwall, and is home to an eclectic mix of much loved horses, birds, reptiles, exotic and farm animals, and the awe inspiring owls of Talons, a unique owl and reptile experience centre. The farm is zoo licensed and is run by Senara and David Collings, whose high standards of animal welfare and commitment to their lifestyle, is their overriding passion.

Hendra Farm itself is a traditional smallholding that keeps Herdwick sheep, Rheas, alpacas, pigs and Shire horses and is home to the ‘Ansum Burger Co. – you can find out more by visiting the farm page – please click here.

Talons ‘Owl’timate Encounters is an owl and reptile centre and private licensed zoo, and is the perfect place for the ‘owl’timate owl or reptile encounter! We offer a unique and memorable experience for all owl lovers where you can meet them, hold them and even fly them! For more information visit the Talons page by clicking herePrior Booking Is Essential

There is also a collection of reptiles, invertebrates and other exotic mammals. Our reptile and invertebrate experiences offer a real ‘hands on’ and educational encounter with these fascinating creatures. Experiences can be booked by email or phone – you can also purchase gift vouchers from our online shop.

Our two superstar alpacas, Little Man and Fleur, are available for walking excursions, when they’re not out and about visiting homes and appearing at events. They are both incredibly friendly and love exploring. You can book your walking experience either by email or phone, and gift vouchers are available in our online shop. For more information on Little Man & Fleur please visit our animal encounters page.

We welcome group visits to the farm, from April to October. A day full of structured and educational animal activities, with a good dollop of fun – suitable for all ages and abilities. Refreshments are provided and we can also organise a BBQ. Suitable for schools, special needs, clubs etc.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Prior Booking is Essential

All our experiences/visits/workshops must be booked in advance – by email or phone. Click here for contact details.

Gift vouchers are available for all the experiences and the alpaca walking – please visit our online shop. You can also adopt some of the birds and animals which entitles you to a VIP visit – an ideal gift!

We travel throughout Cornwall and South Devon providing exciting animal encounters to all ages and abilities. Our animal encounters allows everyone to meet the birds and animals, as we bring the zoo to you! We visit schools, nursing homes, groups, clubs, holiday parks etc. and we also have the Reptile & Raptor Roadshow that travels around shows, fetes, rallies and other events in Cornwall and South Devon. More information can be found on our Animal Encounters page – please click here.

Many of our reptiles and animals have either been rescued or re-homed, and they are given a forever home and a new lease of life. We are not a dedicated rescue centre, but we will step in where we can. We have rehabilitated several birds and animals over the years, and we take great pride in seeing them go on to lead long and purposeful lives.

We are zoo licensed, fully insured and DBS checked. 



Member of The International Owl Society

Providing a World Wide Forum for all of those interested in Owls and supporting Owl Conservation globally. The International Owl Society was formed in 1995 and it’s objectives are to further the enhancement of husbandry for captive bred owls. To improve the breeding results of captive bred owl species and to participate in Research and Conservation programmes around the world.

You can send us a donation here:

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Hendra Farm & Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

Georgina enjoying a well deserved cuppa after a hard afternoon's work!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hendra Farm & Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

Wow, just wow!!The crested owl (Lophostrix cristata) is a species of owl in the family Strigidae. It is the only species (monotypic), in the genus Lophostrix.

The crested owl is found in Central America and northern South America, where it occurs in Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. It is found in the Amazon Basin except in the north-west basin region with western Guyana, Venezuela, and central-eastern Colombia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forestand subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

Juvenile Crested Owl (Lophostrix cristata) by Christain Nunes. This owl is found in Central America and northern South America.

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6 days ago

Hendra Farm & Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

One of our favourite topics!Why do Owls have different colour eyes?

You may have noticed that like us Owls also have different coloured eyes. You will have seen Yellow, Orange, Dark Brown / Black and possibly even Blue eyes in pictures online. Well there is a reason for each colour and it is to do with the time of day the Owl predominantly hunts.

Yellow eyes

Yellow eyes appear on owls who are diurnal which means they prefer to hunt in the day time. Such as the great gray owl, a 30 inches long diurnal owl with yellow eyes. They have excellent eyesight but these birds use their hearing to detect mice or other small rodents moving beneath the snow, they then swoop down and grab them with their talons.

Orange eyes

Owls that have orange eyes are active around dawn and dusk, known as being crepuscular. These owls, for example the Eurasian eagle owl are found all around the world. Large owls up to about 22 inches long, they hunt large prey like mice, rabbits and other birds.

Black or dark Brown eyes

Owls with dark brown or black eyes are usually nocturnal, preferring to hunt at night. The dark color doesn’t improve night time vision, its believed its to help camouflage them better than brighter eyes. Owls with dark eyes are sometimes seen out in daylight, typically on cloudy days.

Fake colored eyes

Blue eyed owls are so rare they do not exist, well anywhere but the internet. Several images exist online of owls with blue eyes but they are nothing more than a product of internet tricksters with a copy of Photoshop.

Night Vision of owls

Most owls are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. Two adaptations help owls see well in the dark.

First, owl eyes are dominated by densely packed retinal rods. All animal eyes have photoreceptors shaped like cones and rods. Retinal cones function best in bright light and are responsible for color vision. Rods are much more sensitive and function best in dim lights. Owls have almost a million rods per square millimeter (1,550 per square inch). Humans have about 200,000 rods per square millimeter (310 per square inch).

Finally, owls have “eyeshine.” Eyeshine is a result of an animal’s tapetum lucidum—a layer of tissue behind the retina that reflects visible light. This reflection dramatically increases the light available to the animal’s photoreceptors, and gives it superior night vision.

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1 week ago

Hendra Farm & Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC

A picture speaks a thousand words - well these photos certainly tell a wonderful story. We visited The Westgate Centre in Launceston today - I think we can safely say that everyone had a great time meeting the animals. 🐹🐇🦔🦉🐢🐍🕷️
#animalencounter #animaltherapy #specialneeds #Cornwall #lovemywork @ Hendra Farm & Talons Owltimate Encounters CIC
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