Where quality and breeding shine through...

Hendra Farm is a traditional smallholding set deep in the South East Cornwall countryside. The welfare of our livestock and their environment is our passion - we pride ourselves on the care and attention our animals and birds receive on a daily basis. Our reputation speaks for itself!

We have been featured on BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Spotlight, Radio 4's Farming Today and ITV's The Hungry Sailors.



Hendra Farm is home to some less traditional, and frankly, rather unusual livestock! Our magnificent Shire horses certainly catch the eye, as do our large flock of Herdwick (rare in this area) and Zwartble sheep. Our flock of Rheas are certainly an unusual sight, the alpacas always cause a second look, and don't be surprised to find yourself having a conversation with a very talkative buzzard either! Then there are the breath taking Eagle owls, our stunning Bourbon Red turkeys, as well as some more 'run of the mill' breeds of poultry. There are more than 35 different species of animal and bird on the farm.


We also run a thriving poultry business selling our Trelawny range of hybrid laying hens at point of lay, and a first class service, to customers across Devon and Cornwall.


The Larder - home produced meats and eggs

Everything produced with the highest standards of care and attention:

  • Herdwick Lamb
  • 'Well Tickled' pork sausages
  • 'Tibbylicious' lamb sausages & burgers
  • 'Pacabangers' alpaca sausages
  • 'Pacaburgers' alpaca burgers
  • 'Rheally Tasty' Rhea sausages
  • Alpaca steak, diced & mince
  • Home reared Rabbit
  • Free Range Eggs

We are proud to supply our home reared meats to:

The Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

The Spar Shop, Pelynt

Trevallick's, Pensilva

Purely Cornish, Looe

Daisy's Cafe, Looe

London Inn, St Neot


We welcome visits from schools - please contact us for more info.